Custom-made tilt garage doors


Not Just a garage door

Your garage door can take up to 30% of your home’s facade.

Although it is used daily, often more than your front door, it regularly gets forgotten about when designing your new home.

Mid Coast Door Services custom tilt doors can easily be cladded and added as a decorative feature wall, or a flush mounted to seamless blend your garage door to the exterior of your home.

This seamless design almost ‘disappears’ into the wall when the garage door is closed.


Things have changed

When most people think of tilt doors, they straight away think of the old tilt doors, ones that are unreliable, hard to open and close, hard to lock, ugly and unable to be motorised. But not anymore.

Mid Coast Door Services custom made tilt doors are made in-house. Individually designed to be strong, lightweight, and easy to facilitate cladding fixing points. The frames are manufactured from aluminium and then powder coated to provide a sleek, modern finish.

Mid Coast Door Services use high-quality, proven heavy-duty fittings allowing for cladding weight up to 175 kg. These doors are maintenance free, smooth running and whisper quiet.


Why choose a custom-made tilt door?

Tilt doors have the fewest moving parts of all garage doors and are made out of a solid flat frame, perfect for cladding with no horizontal breaks required. Unlike a sectional door, tilt garage doors only have a 10mm gap down the sides of the door and a slightly larger gap at the top (depending on the cladding profile), giving the door a seamless, invisible look.

The cladding options are endless, but some common choices include aluminium slats, Knotwood metals, timber boards, plywood, and hardwood. The only restriction you have is weight and your imagination (options are available as either standard or flush finish.)

Note: Flush mount doors are supplied as frame only and builder or manager must take responsibility for the supply and installation of the cladding on site.


Custom made to order

Everything is custom designed and made to order, which allows you to specify exactly what you want. Everything is carefully designed and chosen so you don’t have to compromise between performance and durability.

Mid Coast Door Services custom made tilt doors are a powder coated aluminium welded single piece frame construction.

They are basically corrosion-proof which is perfect for coastal areas like Port Macquarie and the surrounds.



A tilt garage door is a one-piece overhead garage door. It uses a spring balance system which opens out and up.

This means there are no hinges, cables or vertical tracks like a standard sectional door and only two wheels at the top of the door.

Our custom made tilt garage doors are maintenance free and whisper quiet.



Mid Coast Door Services is the only B&D Accredited dealer on the Mid North Coast.

We fit all of our custom doors with the B&D Smart Pro motor, which features a 7-year warranty and smart phone ready, or the B&D Axess Pro 1505 for larger doors that are in high wind areas or experience high usage.


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